If success is an idea
was an idea success?
was failure an idea?
was success an idea?
was an idea an idea?
will an idea be an idea?
is an idea an idea?
or a success
or a failure
is an idea a success and a failure?
is success an idea and a failure?
is failure a success and an idea?

if what an idea is going to be is not yet existent then is an idea unrealistic?
if the future existence of success and idea are both dependent on deviation and realisation,
is success an idea?
is an idea success?
was an idea success or was it failure?

is deviation an idea?
is failure an idea?
is unrealistic an idea?
is non-existence an idea

if an idea is a possibility?
and success a possibility
and failure a possibility?
is possibility an idea of success or failure
or an idea of success and failure?

is the ideas man a deviation and a realisation?
is the ideas man realistic and unrealistic?
then what is the possibility man

is the possibility man the deviator or the realiser
is the possibility man the deviator and the realiser?
is the ideas man the realiser?

is the realiser once the ideas man then the realiser but not the deviator?
then what is the deviator?
is the deviator once the ideas man then the deviator?
is the possibilities man both the deviator and the realiser?
is the realiser both the possibilities man and the deviator?

idea, possibility, deviator, realiser, success, failure

if success is only a part of what it used to be
then what has success now become?
if what success is going to be is not yet existent, then is success realistic?

if an idea doesn’t exist, then
what is an idea?
if an idea is a possibility
and success is it’s realisation
and failure is it’s deviation, then
what is the ideas man?

if an ideas man is unrealistic save he realise success,
so if he deviates, then,
what is an ideas man?

if realisation is success of an ideas man’s ideas,
possibility realised without deviation, then,
what is realisation?

if realisation (success) is determining what is realistic
and deviation what is unrealistic then what is reality?

if an idea from an ideas man that existed before the realisation of the idea then what is success?
and if reality is existence of success formed from an idea,
then is success an idea?
is reality an idea?
is existence an idea?
is an idea success, reality, existence?

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Symmetry has no reason save in Asymmetry

What’s the point of symmetry? Nada!

Something happens and then something else happens in exactly the same way only in the opposite direction – solution provided, a equals b, annihilation of a statement, smooth sailing, serenity, peace, things just the way they should be, no movement, stationary, timeless, could we also say, no life? Maybe, maybe not.

However, one evidence of life would be for asymmetry to evolve, like the sticking out of a sore thumb, or the emergence of a four leaf clover from a three leaf clover. That should murk up the waters a bit, create a ripple effect, start a flow of vibration. Welcome a new beginning. Give eternity a new reason for living.

And the lifecycle begins in earnest to grow from beginning stages to maturity and probably back to symmetry.

This is the state of affairs we crave in this day and age, a building up of culture to form the next institutions that will capture the interest of our society. This is what is required to revive prosperity. For after all what is prosperity, but a propeller that carries you through the ladder, up to the top. And isn’t that what every nation is after. Isn’t that what breeds Patriotism, convinces one of ethnocentrism (pride in your ethnic group) – seeing your ethnic group as the one that are the chosen ones, the favoured ones, the blessed ones, the most talented of all others. the only ones who have a right to live in dignity, the confident ones, the brave ones. This is a hot phase and as the group progresses it will learn to cool down in other for development to occur for only in a cool regime can complex institutions that are capable of settling the conflicts that arise from diversification. The reality that we each are deserving of basic human rights. As Fela would say “human rights na my property”, “and so therefore you can’t dash me my property”. Everyone owns some rights just for being human. You may deny someone his human rights doesn’t mean you have taken away his human rights and as you can’t take it away neither can you give it back or restore it. You only become aware and thereby become more human when you acknowledge that the other is also a chosen one from his perspective. And goes through all the emotions that you may go through in your “civilised” society.

Note that this tirade is not an indictment on symmetry, it is not saying that no symmetry is necessary and all asymmetry is preferred. It is talking specifically of the asymmetry that comes out of symmetry. So in other words there must be symmetry as a law at the beginning and then by some uncommon exception to the rule the exception somehow becomes a rule in itself, and asymmetry rears its head and becomes established.

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Dark Continent and Blackness, a Projection of the Mind


It is a simplification and reductionist to say that Africans invented nothing before the advent of the Caucasians when we know that necessity is the mother of invention. Africans live in a region where they adapted according to their needs within the environment.

Africans look backward today because they have been excluded from the social networks of the wealthy. They are not in the system, so the flow of resources is excluded to them. This can be seen from the simple tactic of calling Africa the dark continent. It is obvious that only those in the light can be counted and thus only those in the light can be planned for, can be catered for, can be cared for. the dark is like a black hole, you can’t fill it up, you can’t satisfy it. Referring to Africa as the dark continent is a decision to exclude it from the light where calculated decisions and maneuvers can be taken because of the simple reason that you can see what you are doing, you can see where you are going. Seeing Africa as a dark continent is a resolve not to deal with the peculiar nature of Africa but to lump it into one category, the black category, that stands for everything dark that is in the minds of those calling it dark. They project all their dark notions onto it, notions of backwardness, notions of inferiority, notions of guilt, shame, addiction, evil, fear, disease, illness, ignorance. Those who call Africa dark can only see these limiting aspects of the continent and refuse to see the white aspects, the aspects that have the characteristics that are normally found in the light, characteristics such as dignity, dedication, comradeship, loyalty, logical reasoning, confidence, joy. So I suggest that you observe the words black and white with suspicion because no one is really black and no one is really white, they are simply parables that simplify a very complex notion that if taken literally results in fanaticism.

It is fanaticism to think that a man who was born in Norway and a man born in Greece should have the same temperament or same culture or same history and now say that that history is the white history thus including them in the light and attributing all their successes as each others successes but excluding the so called black man. If the uniting factor is Christianity, the black man should be included in the white race because he too has been a Christian for centuries, if Western Education is the uniting factor the black man should not be looked at as different from the white man because Africans have been going to European and American Universities for about a century, they have had such Western schools in their domain for at least over a century.

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The Eye of the Storm

LagosTrafficImagine you’re in traffic. When I say traffic I don’t mean, everybody going slow at a civilized pace. I mean Lagos traffic, everybody trying to bob in at the nearest available space, you bluffing that you are ready to hit the car competing with you up till the point where your bumpers nearly touch before either you or the other driver gives in and the contest is won and lost. Imagine doing this at an intersection where traffic from two separate lanes join into one combined single lane. This is the storm. However I believe this storm has an eye, an area of relative calm as compared with the chaos going on by the sides of it. In this short area traffic flows fluidly for a few metres and there is enough space to eliminate the competition that was earlier depicted.

What does this portend for the organization? Better yet the e-commerce organization that is starting out and hustling in every style imaginable to reach a critical adoption margin through it’s massive advertisement and guerilla-style marketing campaigns. In a market where there are already established players in the mix and struggling newcomers just like yourselves, what it portends for such an organization is to cultivate and protect that environment that remains lucid about the organisation’s goals of impacting the present and future generations be it socially or environmentally, positively.

This ideal will keep the directors of the organization asking, how can we ensure that our products production, use and disuse (i.e. trash) can either be reused, replenish the source or be safely disintegrated while providing guidance for the optimal derivation of value from the products raw material to finished product to rubbish lifecycle. This should indeed be a lifecycle where even the rubbish gets recycled as a by-product to other systems of production e.g. energy generation, second hand products, etc.
At a forum like this competing organizations should meet to collaborate on what’s best for the city or state and its inhabitants. This should be a cultured environment that encourages an open government where techniques and experiences are shared, technological advances and artefacts are borrowed, a steady stream of human resources are engaged on loan from their respective organizations to align the industry with theoretical development goals that make use of products less hazardous to the users and the environment.

Impact investing is one of the ways to ensure such initiatives are well funded. It also goes further to support the age old tradition of cooperatives and similar institutions, i.e. individuals or groups of people from the community funding others within or without the community in carrying out specific projects. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is another way of the organization contributing to the development of the region where it carries out its activities.

How does this concern workflow? First let it be noted that this arrangement is an extended organization i.e. an organization that brings together roles (players) from diverse fields, within and without each individual organization to collaborate on democratically selected projects. Workflow will be instrumental in mapping out resources to be used in making this heterogenous operation meet the natural goals generated by the meeting of this coming together of minds.

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The Next Chapter

This is not the time to illumine this is the time to rest from the thought drilling process and let come what may. The past is done and it was a great experience. Now we are in the midst of uncertainty about how we will ever achieve so awesome a flow of opportunity, beauty and abundance. How will we ever be able to mathematically calculate the solution and take the action to fulfill the needs of the issues that needed resolving? Do we prepare for battle tomorrow or do we wait for tomorrow to come and be as surprised as anybody else how it unfolds? Do we do the exercises that give us the right to say that we are who we want to be or do we say we are who we want to be or do we leave who we are for the reactive process of finding out tomorrow? If we say we are who we want to be and the fates say we are someone else how do we marry the contentment of seeing our dreams squashed into reality cups with the taking of opportunities that are conversant with our fabricated character? When do we take count of those things we can count on? And when do we build up the potential to create more moments that wow our audience i.e. the watchers, the testers, the talkers that have such an influence on our character. How do we choose which rituals to participate in and track from its beginning to its end that keep us acceptable to the umpires who will be responsible for approving our movement up the ladder of success or if it is our inclination our accumulation of relations. I am open to the organizing quality of the universal grammar I am willing to be the pencil of the creator and wish to write some believable stories.

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Culture Trading

Culture Business

Culture is a game system upon a framework that enables interaction, relationships and most importantly a home away from home that both nurture’s participants and also enables them to express their creativity and be guided by their ideas.

Culture Trading is a fair and sustainable way to exchange value that promotes sustainable and progressive living standards for a multi-cultural, diverse and dynamic world.

Culture is the real value in life, the true value that our existence on earth depends on. It is not money, money is fake value, virtual value that only serves to give the illusion of real value.

Culture is the learnings of a civilization of people teaching them how to deal with life’s issues. Culture which serves to enrich and promote healthy and harmonious living amongst a social community is handed over by God through the living soul as it’s connecting channel. This culture adds value of life to those who practice it.

First impressions of an external cultural element may be culturally shocking because of incomplete information of the entire spectrum, the background, history, environment, purpose, derived value, satisfactions and so on of that cultural element. This is the reason for so much friction in the merging and integration of valuable external cultural elements into our own cultural reality. Though this need not be, it is not within the capacity of our limited human senses to grasp this phenomenon that went on long before we were born and happened amongst an infinite number of collaborations of all the peoples that have existed from the beginning of the world and those that exist on the earth at present, talk less of the incomprehensible wisdom behind the cultural gifts handed down from God which were used to form the cultural element. It is not even possible for an individual or groups of individuals to fully comprehend the entire spectrum and scope of their own cultural reality let alone those of other cultures.

We are in this world to make the most of our existence and have a rich experience of the value of life. When we require value that is not in our lives we can gain it by borrowing the value from our culture or from external cultures wherever it exists. This gives us true satisfaction that cannot be satisfied by money so why do we exchange value for money. Money in itself is a cultural element of value that has its purposes, yet it also provides a loophole for derailing the transaction of value enabling people to make unfair cultural transactions. This loophole gives rise to a further desire and habit to exploit the loophole again and again giving rise to a wide gap in the transaction of cultural values from one cultural entity to another.

 The chain should be God (life value) – Cultural Entity – (Cultural exchange of life value from GOD) – Cultural entity – life value – GOD

With the introduction of money which in itself is a cultural value meant to serve to provide a standard for value evaluation thus enhancing the speed, quality, quantity and distribution of cultural entities, the chain should look like this:

GOD life value – Cultural entity – Cultural Value | Money – Cultural exchange using money – Cultural Value – Cultural entity – GOD

The loophole with money is the increased sophistication in the cultural exchange process now involving a complex network of distinct stages, abstractions and layers which have produced a system so complex it cannot be fully comprehended by any living man or machine. It requires setting of focus on subsets of the process with clearly defined objectives for an individual or group of individuals to participate in the exchange of life values. The setting of individual focus gives a loophole that allows for the exploitation of another focus group through various equally sophisticated methods which include slavery, war, colonization, intimidation, fraud, deception, propaganda, psychological programming, …

The unfairness and its effects are so subtle as to go on unnoticed for a long period of time as cultural exchange is such a loose exchange system which can even be offered or taken free. However it’s okay as long as exploitation of loopholes and sophistication of tactics are not taken to an extreme. However, it is in the nature of sections of humanity to derive pleasure and actually believe in the practice of gaining much more value than what you put in and so this becomes a way of life, a habit, a norm.

The entrenchment of money as a symbol for cultural richness, the characteristics of money to enable it’s possessor instantly gain possession of desired life values to position it’s possessor in a position of power regardless of what life’s value the possessor has, to give an opportunity to give out little value and gain much more, to give an opportunity to use the mind, its ideas and strategy as a cultural value that can be exchanged thus giving the opportunity to put in or sell non-material input for money which can be used to purchase both material and non-material value. These and many more attractive benefits of money have led to the exploitation of life values to the detriment of all those incapable of resisting or understanding the schemes. Thus sections of society have made it a way of life to exploit the section of society who are weak, ignorant, mind-programmed or simply wish to be exploited [thus goes the phrase, money is the root of all evil]. This has created in effect sections of society gaining more than they put in thus causing an unbalanced flow in the direction of those sections that are able to exploit [thus goes the phrase “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer].

If we reduce the relevance of money and understand that the original objective is life’s values, if we also understand that life’s values are from GOD therefore they are infinite and thus sufficient to satisfy all of our finite human existence, then we realize we don’t have to scheme to exploit rather we can use the same effort to scheme to integrate and merge cultures in a way that we continue to gain value from our own inherited personal and collective cultural entities whilst integrating others we need and don’t have and also giving away those we have to others that need it in a fair way, we can attain all our desires, have satisfaction and experience a rich harmonious living existence.

Exploitation has its drawbacks for exploiters (1) It usually involves giving up one or more of an exploiters cultural values in order to gain moire money e.g. lying, bullying, killing, etc. These all have negative effects on the exploiters’ life, health, experiences, in so many varied infinite ways. The exploiter may be successful and gain a lot of money while putting in little but a lot of the times, the things an exploiter purchases with the money do not satisfy his/her desires [thus goes the phrase “you may be able to satisfy your needs but you can never satisfy your wants] or the condition referred to as addiction. It’s an extreme of the pursuit for an objective that lasts a short time but is never satisfied and usually has negative side effects. This is because the pursuer has misaligned his cultural value system by shifting focus on the real value in life to the addiction of exploiting others for money thus he gets little life’s values and lots of money. Now life’s values are free from GOD and when exchanged fairly cost almost nothing this is the original value and money was just an assistant to aid this process. Thus the person doesn’t need to exploit others he just needs to take it for virtually free but his addiction prevents him from seeing what’s under his nose [thus goes the saying “He goes to Sokoto (farthest-most state in the North-West of Nigeria) to get what’s in his Shokoto (Nigerian Yoruba word for trousers)]. He also loses God given cultural values to gain money [that’s when some people may say “He sold his soul to the devil”] So at the end of the day he may get a lot of money, he may cause evil/harm to others but he causes harm to himself, loses life’s true value, has a lot of money for buying what is virtually free, so it was a waste of time and effort and doesn’t get cultural value in exchange all he got was money. He is incapable of integrating or merging any cultural value gained properly and in a way that helps him to grow and actually satisfy his needs as well as his wants.

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Content is the …

Content is the Animating Character of Information just as information is a pattern formed out of Data and Data is the indwelling spirit of Structural Data Containers.

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