Jesus Christ was good when he was here on Earth yet it looked like he was satan  because he bore the  sins of the World. Character is a trait that can be seen on the body by your fellow man. Jesus Christ therefore had inside him the character of the Messiah but on the outside to some people around him he was Beelzebub incarnate.  Power is a trait that can only be tested from it’s result. You have a naked power which you can see and you have a subjective power which arranges materials seemingly in the background. Jesus Christ did not display his power to the Kings and Governors yet he was able to call things that were not as though they were this was a subjective power rearranging materials within the material to produce change in the objective state, an instant recovery for people in poor health for instance. He refused to tempt God and display his power to compete and conquer those who were trying to derail the manifestation of his destiny, including himself. Yes he was at war with himself forsaken by his father not as a form of betrayal or foolishness but as a form of necessity and sacrifice to do that which would guarantee victory for the whole human species, in fact for all inhabitants of the World and for God and his creations. Victory over death, victory over the downward spiral into the understanding that daily we can get up and move from one place to another spreading the joy of a resurrected, reformed state of affairs, in which we approach our mission here on Earth as if we were already in Heaven. A possibility of creating our own pocket of heaven and inviting our fellow creations to partake of the possibility that dreams can come true, that the purpose for which we were born can actually be fulfilled and thus we can understand the meaning of this life which we came into not knowing who, what, when or why we would begin a journey in which pleasure and pain reign side by side like the two sides of a coin guilt and sin become a figment of the imagination and the race not for the swift but chance and happenstance occur to them just as the Sun and the rain fall on the guilty and the innocent.


About nasserugoji

I was born to serve. When I look into my life I see my purpose is not a mystery. Now you don't have to be like me because some of us were meant to be, queens and kings and majesty, but me I was born to serve. But then I found I could flow due to the momentum built up by active service came the potential to cruise upon the waves of the seasons.
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