Human Song


Gareth McNamara who rode the highest wave ever, 27meters high, said “if you focus on the moment, not thinking of the past or the future, then you will be alright” In response to the question “what goes through your mind when you are riding such a big wave” by a CNN reporter.

It has been commented that surfers are the modern day examples of being balanced on the edge because they ride the waves of up and down.

Opportunity is a delicate flower that has gone through the transformation from a seed to meet you at the right time. It is an orchestration event. There is a tune which sounds expressing a theme with the occasional breaking forth of a new rhythm.

Then opportunity turns into a challenge. It becomes like a man who has left his home to embark on a journey. He knows not when he will lay his head in his new home but lay his head surely he must. When he turns the challenge back into an opportunity, back into a moment, riding the crest of the waves of the human song.

What is the human song?

The interplay of opportunity and challenge defined by processes and relationships. Highlights and dips. Living in the present moment guided by a conductor while remaining in harmony with the host of natural tones, and whatever else may be in the mix fleeting in and out of recorded history. Acknowledged only by the attention given it due to its unique expression or by recognition. Then this means the observer also becomes a part of the symphony for he has out of choice reinforced a pattern, by thinking about it’s form, he has giving it form. He has participated in the art of construction cum progress.


About nasserugoji

I was born to serve. When I look into my life I see my purpose is not a mystery. Now you don't have to be like me because some of us were meant to be, queens and kings and majesty, but me I was born to serve. But then I found I could flow due to the momentum built up by active service came the potential to cruise upon the waves of the seasons.
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