The Approach to Reach the Goal

The Approach to reach the goal is first of all to develop multiple goals and to mix and match goals with effort bouts and persistence targets.

You may start to develop a goal by picking a high and mighty goal that you know is achievable. Then aim for that goal and carry out the activities required to pursue that goal. In doing this keep your eyes open for what is physically possible and for another goal or milestone that you may have reached just at the point where it is not feasible to go any further. Let this be your realistic benchmark, you aimed for the stars and landed on the moon. But the moon in itself is an admirable stepping stone to the stars as well as a vast ocean of desirable value.

Practice, exercise, train yourself with the duty of reaching the moon comfortably within your ability and one day you will realize that both landing on the moon and reaching for the stars are precious realizations of the awesomeness of our ability, inherent in us to dream, plan, and execute, and also we realize that it is such a privilege to be put in a position where we can apprehend the majestic reality of there being a moon and stars to reach for in the first place.

Having understood the importance and grandiosity of our task we may proceed to undertake its fulfillment with trepidation and caution so as to pace ourselves for the long journey ahead for a long journey can only be completed with the conscientious endeavour of putting one little step in front of another little step and if we are running then we must be controlled in our periods of oscillating limbs. For it is not how fast but how far. There is a time for speed and there is a time for wisdom in allocation of inhalatory and exhalatory resources.

Having explored this approach with the right preparation, anticipation and rest, come the D-day we should be in the right mood to start, persist and finish well, hitting all the milestones (multiple goals), reaching the realistic goal, discovering more manifest expressions of universal significance while being a couple more steps closer to reaching the high and mighty goal.


About nasserugoji

I was born to serve. When I look into my life I see my purpose is not a mystery. Now you don't have to be like me because some of us were meant to be, queens and kings and majesty, but me I was born to serve. But then I found I could flow due to the momentum built up by active service came the potential to cruise upon the waves of the seasons.
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