Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street

One thing I noticed about failure is that embedded in the statement of failure is a message of hope, a message of possibility and most often the solution which you must next pursue. And usually failure just like success is not a destination but a roadmap and a GPS telling you were you truly are on that map bitter as it may sound. Remember wherever you are, you are not alone. Then you must begin to define your status with respect to the relations that give you meaning and purpose. The real cause of failure is the attention you give to the outcome every other thing melts away as you focus on the all too important lofty goal/crushing defeat. And when its done come what may your attention is freed up to focus on other things.


About nasserugoji

I was born to serve. When I look into my life I see my purpose is not a mystery. Now you don't have to be like me because some of us were meant to be, queens and kings and majesty, but me I was born to serve. But then I found I could flow due to the momentum built up by active service came the potential to cruise upon the waves of the seasons.
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